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Sawan Anda Boat Charter

Individual boat trips in a luxurious, informal atmosphere. Discover pristine beaches and enchanted islands, especially for you.

Sawan Anda is what the Thai call the divine Andaman Sea tropical island paradise that surrounds Phuket. Heavenly beaches, hidden coves, luscious tropical vegetation and fairytale landscapes: all of this is Sawan Anda. One can best experience this enchanted island world from the water. On your individual boat tour you can glide through the mystical beauty of this landscape, marvel at the picturesque rock formations, the sprawling Mangrove forests or discover the solitary beaches. First and foremost: simply savour this experience with all your senses: in your very own, personal rhythm, according to your personal desires - just enjoy it, relaxed and in peace and quiet.

A lot to be seen

With Sawan Anda Boat Charter you can experience both the well-known and the less well-known regional attractions: the limestone rocks of Krabi and Phi Phi Island; the Phang Nga national park, James Bond Island or deserted, solitary beaches, which can only be accessed from the water.

Sawan Anda Boat Charter can offer you exquisite boat tours, away from the main tourist streams. We go against the current, and you will reach your goals from different directions, each providing you with a unique opportunity to experience and discover Phuket’s fairytale beauty all for yourself – in an individual manner that is entirely in line with your desires and needs. Simply enjoy, marvel and experience.

A lot to be seen

At Sawan Anda, total relaxation means luxurious recharging of your batteries as well as excellent water sport facilities: snorkelling, diving, water ski or sea bob. Our experienced crews, including a First Degree Captain, are all highly skilled and also trained in performing first aid.  Thus you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are in safe hands.

Sawan Anda Boat Charter guarantees and excellent all-round service: it is those little luxurious extras and the individual aspect that will ensure your trip is an unforgettable experience.

Especially families with children enjoy our boat tours, since there is always something new to be seen and experienced. Sawan Anda Boat Charter offers you relaxation in a luxurious atmosphere, excellent safety and the highest level of comfort.